Successful Camp

The first group completed my camp today.  The good news is it went pretty darn good.  The two campers gave me very positive feedback.  I hope this video works as well because I am not too sure how to add a video.

So this post is going to be very heavy on the visual because it has to do with KANGAROOS!!!! So those of you who know me know that I love KANGAROOS!!!!  So let’s begin at…well…the beginning…I think that should work best.  So today we finally got to try out my entire program.  We had two very brave campers who agreed to be the very first in what will hopefully be a great and long running program.

So the campers came out and planted two plants in the experimental browse garden.  We used Florida native soil that we went ahead and dug two deep holes.  We then lined the wholes with our great animal created compost.  We then filled in the wholes and raked the soil around the two plants.  They came out looking great.

We then moved over to the browse garden that is fully developed.  We trimmed from two trees.  The biggest being the willow tree.  We trimmed 17 branches from one and 15 from the other.  We made sure to trim only the bottom branches to assist with growth.  We then counted the amount of branches on the trees so we could calculate the biomass.  Unfortunately a few of our measuring devices had not arrived yet so we could not do more.



Since we had extra time, we dropped off some of the browse at the sloth and bunny area.  They were unfortunately leaving for another area so we could not feed the sloths.  Instead we went down to the kangaroo section to drop off the rest.  We were lucky because we were able to go behind the scenes and feed the kangaroos the browse.  They were not a fan of having to do the work, so I found that stripping the leaves and hand feeding was their favorite.  We got to spend about 30 minutes with them and found out they love to have their belly scratched.  After we left, I was able to get feedback from the two campers and they spoke very highly of the program I created and said they would love to be a part of it again.


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