Blog 2: Continuing to Learn


Chair for the UNWTO Representative

Three weeks of my internship have already gone by! This week was important because it allowed me to learn more about the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The HLPF is the platform used to follow up and review the sustainable development Agenda. The Forum will be from July 11th to the 22nd, the latter happens to be my last day of internship. There will be several meetings in the morning and afternoon that I will help cover in addition to my supervisor and the other intern. We have discussed a rough schedule of who will cover each meeting during the HLPF. During the HLPF, I will have to produce summary reports quicker given that there are so many meetings to attend and one cannot lose track or fall behind.

This week I met the other intern in Bryant Park to share information that I had already received from the World Tourism Organization. We will both cover different forums and meetings, however our work will overlap.

Bryant Park

I attended a meeting in a new UN building this week. I walked to the United Nations Plaza, otherwise known as DC-1 and DC-2. DC-2 gave me a chance to see a different view of NYC, as pictured below, with a better view of the Chrysler Building.

DC-1 and DC-2
View from DC-2 of New York City, including the Chrysler Building

I am still working on summary reports and getting a better understanding of how to do them correctly using the appropriate format. I continue to be pleasantly surprised as to how many people are in and out of the UN buildings each day and I especially appreciate the diversity. In other news, the World Tourism Organization is moving buildings. We will no longer be in the Daily News Building; we are moving closer to the UN Secretariat Building. The Daily News building was used to film scenes in the 1978 film Superman and the sequel in 1980 since Clark Kent and Lois Lane worked as reporters. It is cool to be working in the same building that was occupied by famous actors. The Daily News building is a National Historic Landmarked, as deemed in 1989.

Daily News Building History
Daily News Building History

New York City has been great, including the weather. I am continuing to explore, see friends, and meet new people.

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