Issues with fuel data

As I mentioned earlier, one of the goals of my internship is to develop a picture of the city’s fuel consumption over the past few years and to propose ways to reduce fossil fuel consumption in the future. As a starting point for this project, I had a few meetings with Largo’s fleet manager and other staff members in the division who deal with vehicle fueling on a daily basis. I was given access to an asset management system, which stores fuel consumption data so that I could begin generating reports and identifying fuel usage trends over recent years. As I began working on this and looking at the data, I found that the information did not match with the amount of money spent reported to have been spent on fuel in the annual budgets. This began a process of working with the fleet manager to determine why the data was so inaccurate and what can be done to ensure that I have reliable data for my analysis. After a good deal of exploring the various software systems and pieces of equipment involved in recording fuel consumption, we found that the aging fuel pumps were not accurately recording the true volumes of fuel being pumped each day to the electronic system. To hopefully get around this issue, I will be working on trying to find out if the department has any fuel consumption data that has been recorded in such a way that it is not subject to this problem.

Here are some of the stacks of data that I sorted through before discovering the inaccuracies

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