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First things first, I am now official and have a plaque with my name by my cubicle… I know I get excited for little things!

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I was very productive last week and tackled two big things: LEED ND and an internal report. I started looking into LEED for neighborhood Development (LEED ND) because it is part of my research to compare the certification with WELL Community. But what is very cool is that I will be facilitating my first charrette for LEED ND within the next few weeks with the whole team in order to see how feasible it would be to do it here in Tampa. And if they like my findings they might actually consider it, which is major!!

Otherwise I have been busy creating a ‘WELLNESS and Sustainability Report at SPP’ which highlights the 7 concepts used in WELL and I added more sustainable items because I can’t help but tell people about how easy it is to be more sustainable. My idea was that SPP should walk the walk and create an internal list of things that we could do to be healthier and more sustainable within our office since we are planning to make a whole district healthy and sustainable. Here are some simple things I looked into:

AIR – Use MERV 13 media filters in HVAC system for particle filtration. If you plan to remodel your office; use low or no VOC paint and choose carpet tile with low VOC. Check with the cleaning crew that green cleaning products are being used.

WATER – Promote drinking water with a filtered water station on each floor… and of course encourage people to use reusable cups or bottles.

NOURISHMENT – If your office is selling or distributing food, reduce processed and sugary food and drinks. Offer healthier chips and snacks instead of candy bars in the vending machine. Offer fruits and vegetables.

LIGHT –  If possible use as much natural light as possible. Change lights to LED.

FITNESS – Offer incentive program for people that go to the gym or use a bike share program to get to work.

COMFORT – Adjust the thermostat so people are not freezing all day at work. If repainting the office, use blue and yellow that are good for concentration and reducing stress.

MIND – Offer plants for people’s desks to increase nature interaction. Put up a hammock or fully reclining chair for people to take a quick nap during their break.

As you might have noticed by now I am passionate about making workplaces healthier and sustainable and I can’t wait to see what this internal report becomes.

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On a more fun note, I got to discover the joys of Tampa again. I finally became a member of the Coast Bike Share program (only $59 a year for students) where I get an hour of riding every day! I have been riding around the city to go to meetings or go to the gym after work and its so fun and practical. Just note to self, don’t ride in heels!

And I finally made it to Zumba in the Park which was awesome!


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