Stage Fright and Baby Goats!

Coming up on the end of week two, I wanted to recap a couple of positive steps and people I’ve come across in my research. Through the Kauai Community College, I was able to make contact with their Sustainability Director, Benjamin, who splits his time between academia and living off-grid on 4 acres of property. Having built their own tiny house by hand, their property was eye-opening in just how comfortably one can live with minimal effort and minimal impact. Their modest house has a bed and storage, while their living room, kitchen and dining room are all under a wind-swept awning down the pasture. Obviously Florida’s weather wouldn’t be amiable to this set-up, but I loved the way they limited their power usage while maximizing their space. Relying on solar panels, golf cart batteries, and goats to mow the fields, he gave me a lot of information about the current situation for people just like him. They have the equipment, they have the drive, but they are a bit lost on how everything works and how to make their residence/businesses most efficient and effective.


Benjamin’s off-grid tiny house


Most affordable, efficient, sustainable, cutest lawn mower

That same night, I was allowed to speak at the Farmer’s Union meeting and pass around surveys for my research. I was overwhelmed by the sense of community and motivation that these organic farmers share, even though this has to be one of the toughest jobs on the island. The session was led, inoculating the soil using an ancient technique was the topic, and I mustered up the courage to speak to the group without a problem. I had a great response which will hopefully unfold into farm visits and interviews!

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