Conquered the Sleeping Giant

My first official meeting was with an Engineering Professor from the Kauai Community College who gave me some interesting information on solar issues and concerns on the island. We met at the carpentry shop where he has a program for local high school/college kids to build small solar-powered sheds from the ground up. They start by building the structure, then they install solar panels and hook up the electric, followed by installing a wind turbine. This all-inclusive approach gives the students important training in several trades and allows them to concentrate on needs present in their hometowns. This particular model that was on campus was a simple, no frills system that could easily power a small home for it’s minimal power needs (minus air conditioning and large power tools).


We briefly discussed Internet options and I’ve come to find out that many people don’t care to change their current situation and receive adequate coverage using their data services on their phones and tablets. This was a new discovery since I was expecting the people to want streaming Internet and access to more communication networks.

Other than meetings and farm-visits, I finally conquered the Nounou Trail (Sleeping Giant) behind our house and am happy to say that I survived….minus a few knee-cuts due to some lazy footing.  The views were FANTASTIC.


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