Blog 1: Welcome to New York City

My first week in New York City has been as fast-paced as I imagined it would be. Everyone here is always on the go, but I appreciate that. Moving into my dorm was quite easy and I’m very happy and impressed with it. I am staying in one of the renovated NYU dorms that is apartment style, so I have a kitchen and common space that comes in handy to cook and do work.

View from my dorm room

Before my official start date at the United Nations as an intern in the World Tourism Organization (WTO), I met with my supervisor in the agency, Mr. Sarbuland Khan. Mr. Khan briefed me on the role of the UNWTO and instructed me on background information to read so that I can better understand my internship responsibilities. My first full day was Wednesday, June 1st and I was busy and happy to be learning and attending meetings. My main responsibilities are to attend meetings pertaining to the Economic and Social Council and meetings about the Agenda 2030, relating to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. Most meetings run during two timeframes, either 10 AM to 1 PM or 3 PM to 6 PM. Sometimes I go to meetings in both timeframes, other times I only attend one. I also have the flexibility to attend meetings of interest to me outside of my responsibilities; the other day I attended a meeting on women’s perspective and gender rights. I’ve been writing summary reports on the meetings I attend and many of them will be sent to the UNWTO Headquarters in Madrid.

The Daily News Building, where my supervisor’s office is
The UN
Inside the UN
Conference Room in the UN

On Monday of this week, I met with Dr. Randle, my Patel supervisor, and Mr. Richard Jordan, my external supervisor, to discuss how my internship is going so far. Richard gave me the opportunity to speak for a few minutes at the Inaugural RASIT-EkoRE Agora Meeting titled Transforming the World Through Sustainable Energy for All: Leaving No One Behind. I spoke on the importance of the SDGs and the tourism industry, the main topic of my final report for the Capstone Internship. It was an amazing opportunity and I am so thankful to have participated in an official UN meeting as a speaker. Here’s the webcast of the meeting:

Speaking at the RASIT-EkoRE Agora Meeting

I am continuing to develop my summary report writing skills by attending several meetings and note taking. When I am in the Conference Rooms in the UN building, I am continuously reminding myself how fortunate and grateful I am to have an opportunity to intern in such a progressive, diverse, and respected organization. I am honored to be in the same room as so many important people. The delegates, representatives, and others of the UN are extremely humble and treat every person equally; their words are genuine and it makes me, and everyone else I assume, feel so appreciated.

Before the start of a meeting


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