The Plan… patience is a virtue

On my second week we had a conference call with the Delos team regarding the WELL Community standards. I was expecting them to send us a scorecard with all the different requirements that we would have to meet  in order to certify the project, but they are far away from it. The certification is still being written and it will be weeks or months before we get an actual list of requirements that will be part of the WELL Community certification.

Just like I was originally planning to meet with architects, engineers and contractors on my second week, well it’s probably not going to happen anytime soon because we are still in the design process and a lot more needs to be done before plans are ready to be unveiled. Patience is not my strong suit so I will have to keep my head down and work on the project the best I can.

Although I am not in a different city or country like most students, I am still discovering a lot of new things that I had been wanting to do for a while but never got a chance to. Last Thursday I went to a Rock the Park event downtown Tampa. It’s a free event every first Thursday of the month in Curtis Hixon Park, different local bands play music and people hangout in the park with a picnic. Until now I always had class on Thursdays or had to work at night so I was never able to make it. I am sure that most of you can relate when I say that it feels SO good to not have classes or homework after a long work day.

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