Little bit in Panama

My internship is in City of knowledge where is a really tranquil place   located in Panama city. I’m working for Forest Finance Team (FTT) with its quality control manager, Sabine Wischnat. FFT is a German company and its headquarter is in Bonn, Germany with several branches in Latin America, Europe and Vietnam. So, the employees in panama branch are very diverse and are come from German, Spain and Panama. The first week of my intern life was quite interesting and calm. The first barrier I got to conquer was switching language use between English and Spanish, also, experienced the language cultural shock between traditional Spanish and Latino Spanish. Therefore, sometimes, I couldn’t really understand what the people were talking about. Because they have their own local slang use and accent. However, in this special circumstances, my colleagues and I developed a new language system called “Spanglish” which means that we will communicated in half of English and in half Spanish for easily understanding between us. Besides, I observed one thing that really dragged my attention was that local people prefer to say “ciao” when they say goodbye to each other.

This week, FFT will go through FSC annual renew certificated process. It would be a fantastic experience to participant the audit process and know more about FSC certificated. So the coming up blog next week will introduce what is FSC to everyone, stay tune~~

I would like to put a conclusion for my first week life in Panama (it seems it was irrelevant to this internship but it is “must know”in Panama!) was that once you come to Panama, you must taste all the products made of banana. Banana here for Panamanians is dessert, is garnish, is main dish and is fruit of course. The banana cuisines here will re-shape the images of your banana stereotypes. I have tried one of them called “plataitos” and it was perfect with my smoke salmon sandwich as my weekend lunch.


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