The Mission Continues


This week I was able to finish my article that will be posted on the Delaware North GreenPath news. The article is about the food that the KSC Visitor Complex is able to donate. I have pasted the article below!

“Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Gives Back in a Sustainable Way

Food waste has become a hot topic when discussing the issues of our planet. What most people fail to recognize is the amount of land, energy, and water that goes into making our food. Each one of these aspects is becoming increasingly more scarce. In the United States alone, 40% of all food goes to waste. With this in mind, the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex (KSCVC) has recently been freezing hundreds of pounds of excess café food each week that meet strict health guidelines. This food is being donated to the Brevard Sharing Center in conjunction with the Second Harvest Food Bank. This excess food would usually be considered as waste and would be transported to a local landfill, but KSCVC is changing this habit.

The goal of this new and exciting program is to incorporate the values Delaware North’s GreenPath® program of continues improvement by minimizing food waste, while being able to give back to the local community. This program kicked off at the end of December in our Crewmember Lounge and Debus Center, but is planning to expand to other cafés in the near future. KSCVC is hoping that this small gesture will be able to help out the community and out planet in a big way.

The director of the Sharing Center has expressed her appreciation for all the food being donated. With all the food being donated from KSCVC on a weekly basis, they are able to incorporate the food into every meal which serves around 180 guests daily. The first incorporated meal was mac & cheese and the guests said they thoroughly enjoyed it!”


This week I learned that the visitor complex is replacing existing lights in the rocket garden with solar lights that are also wildlife friendly (because they sit on a wildlife refuge). I was able to calculate the amount of carbon dioxide that will be saved from going into the atmosphere, and it is a lot!

I was also able to work more on my Nature and Technology exhibit project. My supervisor and I sat down and discussed the possibilities for the exhibit. Many emails have been sent out to those at NASA who might be able to help us make this possible! Hopefully next week meeting dates will be set up and we will able to move forward with this project.

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