NASA Earth Day Celebrations

Earth Day is an important day to celebrate. Kennedy Space Center finds it so important that they extended the celebrations for two days. The first day of celebrations took place on private property just for the employees located at KSC. Over 40 eco-friendly companies and schools came out to educate employees on the latest and greatest environmentally friendly products and technologies.

The next day these companies and schools came out to the Visitor Complex to educate the guests. This day we were also able to showcase the Bag Monster that we had previously made! We handed out coupons to the guests to get reusable bags at the gift shop.

Both days were a success and I truly feel that everyone who came out learned a lot. Hopefully it had opened people’s eyes to the importance of our Earth and that they begin to make environmentally friendly decisions. An exciting part of both of these days is that our very own Patel College of Sustainability was able to come out and set up a booth to further educate employees and guests on the great things that are happening at our college.

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