A Bag Monster & An Astronaut

This week we put a lot of attention on Earth day. I went to an earth day meeting with all the NASA teams to make sure everything is going to smoothly. Earth day celebrations will take place over 2 two days. One day is on NASA property for employees, and the other day is at the visitor complex for the guests.

Something that we are doing for earth day is creating a “bag monster”. This is a costume that is made out of 500 plastic bags. This is supposed to represent the amount of bags that one person uses each year. We will use this to raise awareness and promote reusable bags when you go to the store.

Here is a photo of Trudy, Gina, and I making the costume.


Also, we are trying to put something special together that includes astronauts at Earth Day. Details will come later! In the mean time, here is a photo of me meeting astronaut Jim Reilly. He flew on three shuttle missions.


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