Make it Prettier….

So my display farm was fully functional and sustainable.  However, it looked bland and normal.  So I was asked to “make it prettier”.  Now like most guys, this is not my strongest area.  Luckily, when I was younger, I had my own landscape company.  This means it is a nice trip to the store with the BG card.  The pic to the right is 400 lb of stone, rocks, and other necessities.

I made a nice patio type arrangement.  I used the materials to design something that would look right at place in any backyard.  I then used Mr Stackey pots here in green.  I spiraled the herbs up the pots and used wildflower seeds to add some color to it.  Obviously these plants need to grow into their spaces.  I hope to post more pictures as they grow.

Part 2: I Hate Dirt

So rather than drag on and on about the same small garden area, I give you a two part blog.  So the big pile of dirt on the left is…well it is a big pile of dirt obviously.  This is the dirt I have to shovel into each of the 16 of the 4 foot by 4 foot boxes.  Just to remind all of you, it is over 90 degrees out and humidity is around 100%.  It is not very fun to shovel dirt.  The picture on the right is the completed version of 3 of those boxes.  I decided that was enough for the day as I had already planted many other things today.  The important thing is I made progress and I didn’t die of heat stroke.  Next step is to keep working on these boxes until I am done.  I hope to talk someone into assisting me soon.  Well that is all for now. I like keeping these short so that I don’t bore everyone too much talking about dirt and plants.

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