One Lump or Two?

Saturday morning in Dominica is when most people head to the open market to purchase their organic produce for the week.  My favorite stop is for the coconut water, affectionately called Jelly Water in Dominica, because after you drink the water, they will split the young coconut for you so that you can eat the coconut jelly inside.  The coconut has so many uses as food, drink, oil, lotions, crafts and other uses.  Here’s a picture of my good friend Eddie and I enjoying some jelly water at Saturday market.

Coconut Water in the Market

Another favorite is the homemade cocoa that is made from the cacao fruit that is grown in gardens and even wild throughout the island.  There is a delicious white pulp around the cocoa beans that tastes sooooooo delicious, I wish I could make a juice out of it.  After the beans have been dried, roasted, peeled, pulverized into a paste and formed into sticks, they can be boiled in coconut milk and spices to make cocoa tea (a version of hot chocolate).  Once while making the tea, I didn’t have coconut milk and so I used hot water which made it kind of thin, but someone had told me that a little flour could thicken it up.  I had no idea what I was doing and I ended up with lumps of flour floating in my hot chocolate.  I would have preferred marshmallows or even lumps of sugar over lumps of flour.  That story traveled fast and to this day the locals all laugh at me for making cocoa dumpling tea.

In another blog post I will have to show you the fruit that surrounds each cocoa bean – so delicious.  But for today feast your eyes on a cocoa stick used for making hot chocolate or as they say here, “Cocoa Tea.”

Video – Cocoa Tea in Dominica with Jerry John Comellas

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