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SO….. Friday was the day to add the vertical garden to the small demo backyard sustainable garden.  I have to say this was by far the easiest part so far.  Those of you with a keen eye will realize this is right after Jambo Junction.  I get to hear all the animals as I construct my masterpiece.

The breakdown is as follows.  I got the hanging garden pots at Lowe’s for super cheap.  The dirt is just plain old top soil with some compost dirt mixed in for maximum growth potential.  The plants are reused herbs from the food and wine festival.  I am bringing them back to life as we speak.  I just found out today (Wednesday) that I must create a second way to secure them so they don’t risk falling on the heads of guests at the park.  Makes sense to me.  I also installed a thermometer and rain meter for the kids to monitor.

For those of you wondering how the rain barrel is doing, yesterday’s rain completely filled all 50 gallons of it.  Needless to say I have plenty of water to water my herbs with, and the plants nearby, and anything else I can find so that my area doesn’t become swampy.

I was asked today to make it look prettier, being a guy I obviously had to ask for more guidance on this matter.  My suggestion of garden gnomes was not well received.  So tomorrow I am going to go to the hardware store and see what looks nice to give it the true backyard garden look we are going for (I use “we” to mean those I am building the garden for, I go for functional).  I also have 6 more hanging planters that are on their way to us.  They will be filled with more herbs.  I also plan to ad a trellis to the back of the garden so I can grow some vegetables.  I will keep you all posted on further progress, and feel free to drop by to BG and see it for yourself.


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