The Beginning of a Sustainable Garden


Today marks the first day of the physical garden being constructed.  Before this, it was just a thought in my head.  This is just the small part.  I will be constructing 16 more of these in the Browse Garden at BG.  Those will be used for a summer camp program I am creating.  This program will serve multiple departments in BG.  For the overnight campers (high school age), the garden will be a major project.  Each day two campers will come down and plant half of a plot.  They will then measure the growth of the previous week’s planters.  We will record this information.  They will each also plant a different species of plants.  This will be used by the nutrition department to try which browse plants the animals prefer.  We will also use the growth rates to test how fast and healthy the plants grow.  We will test the soil and the compost and see what grows best.  The park will then use this data to propose to corporate how they can now large scale grow their own browse.

For me, I get to test out multiple sustainable farming techniques and record the data.  I also get to create a camp program around the benefits of sustainable farming.  I also get to reduce the CO2 output of the park’s animal department.  Hopefully, I will also get to feed a few kangaroos as well….  I will post more pics and information as the week progresses and I have more in the ground.  This pic shows the small one I am creating for the smaller kids at day camp.  It will consist of this 4X8 planter of browse items, three small hanging gardens, and the rainwater catchment system you see in the pic.  It is 75% done as of today

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