Getting Prepared for Summer

With the last semester of my M.A. program out of the way, all that is left is my research project. I have just booked my flight, and will be arriving in Kauai on June 1, 2016. How exciting!

In Hawaii, 80-90% of their food is imported. They are also at the tail-end of the supply chain, which puts them at risk when natural disasters or bureaucratic problems lead to delays. My research project aims to address the significant issue of food scarcity and dependence on importation on a small scale by developing a farm-to-school program at a local school in Kauai.

The School

Kawaikini Public Charter School does not have a school lunch program, and has a substantial number of students that would qualify for free or reduced-lunches. Instead of having their school meals provided by large food supply corporations such as Aramark or Gordon Food Services, I will identify farmers, ranchers, fishers, etc. on the island and develop a way to create a locally-sourced, farm to school lunch program that will be cost-efficient and meet the National School Lunch program requirements so their students will be able to receive their meals at .

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