First Post – City of Largo

Hi everyone, for my first post I’ll give a quick overview of my internship project. I’m doing my  internship just across the bay from Tampa with the Public Works Department at The City of Largo. Like many local governments, Largo is strategically aiming to increase the sustainability of its operations and reduce its costs. The work I will be doing will be encompassed by two projects aligning with these goals.

Housed within the Public Works Department is the Fleet Management Division, which is responsible for all acquisitions, fueling, and maintenance of city vehicles. The first project involves working with this division to research possible improvements to the fuel efficiency of the city’s fleet, and to research the possibility of introducing alternative fuels to reduce both costs and carbon emissions.

The other major focus area of my internship will involve the ISI Envision rating system. For those not familiar, Envision was developed by the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure as a sustainability rating system for infrastructure projects. Envision essentially aims to accomplish for infrastructure what the US Green Building Council’s LEED system has accomplished for buildings. My goal with Envision will be to determine if there are any aspects of the city’s Streets & Stormwater maintenance operations to which the Envision principles can be applied.

Below is a photo of the Public Works Administration building where most of my work during this internship will take place. While this may not be the most interesting photo, it shows the department’s sign of accreditation from the American Public Works Association, which is a point of pride for the department and a way for the city to display its high level of performance and service to the community.



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