Drawing Inspiration From the Mouse

Every great mind must draw inspiration from somewhere right?  I am not saying I am Einstein working on the Theory of Relativity or Flogging Molly cranking out another awesome song.  I would put myself in the lesser categories.  I love USF PCGS.  Just throwing that in there.

IMG_20160422_101159351_HDROk so I got way off topic there.  Let’s get back to the mouse.  So I have basically completed the creation of my masterpiece.  The camp program is glossy and complete.  I have already given the handbook to KTBB for review.  They love it as of this point.  Only time will tell once it is put to use.  However, I am still working on it behind the scenes to make it even better.  I am also starting a second internship at Busch Gardens to create a sustainable farming program for their summer camp program.

Inspiration comes in all shapes and forms.  This inspiration happens to stem (yes I intended that as a pun and expect at least one of you to laugh at my bad joke) from a trip to the land of the mouse and a kingdom for animals.  I leave their name out because BG is using my services.  On a recent trip to the kingdom, I noticed that their animals were eating fresh food and looked very healthy and mostly content with their own environment.  They are mostly out in the open which is true for BG as well.  I think I can use this to push harder for the sustainable agriculture program to be used to grow food for the animals.  I am hoping this idea comes to fruition.  I think it is a sound idea and hope to push it further.  wish me luck……

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