Week 13 & 14: Moving along

Hola a todos!

These last two weeks have been pretty calm in the office. There were no workshops or conferences, so I’ve been in the office making my lesson plans for the kids at the school and doing more research for my final paper.

Here’s a little more about my lesson plans for the school… I am teaching waste as a resource and have a thought out series of lessons that build off each other, and all relating to the garden in some way. The first lesson was the importance of the garden, because gardens grow food and provide another area where we can obtain nutrients, which we need to grow. And by growing our own food, we contribute to our own food security. The second lesson was about what a garden needs, and gardens need nutrients, as well. So I talked about compost a little and the importance of sunlight and water in a garden. The next lesson, I went into more detail about about compost and taught about food waste and how it is a global problem.

Teaching about the importance of composting food waste

This past week, I had my lesson plan about plastic ready; however, when I arrived at the school, the professors had other plans for the day. One of the professors said that a nearby farmer offered us some of his banana trees, but we had to do the work. So with a wheelbarrow full of shovels, we walked a few blocks to the field and dug up banana trees, 11 in total. Then we walked back to the school carrying our banana trees. And then of course, we had to transplant them in our garden. So my plastic lesson will have to wait until next week…

Some of the lovely students
With on of my students, Mayra
Teamwork was the only way to carry some of these trees back to the school.



    1. Ha, yes I am. I have my notes, of course; but it’s not easy. It’s an interesting and challenging experience, for sure.

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