Blog 1: Initial Realizations

To be completely honest, I forgot about the requirement of this blog. It is amazing how easily the challenges of daily life can make you forget certain non-vital responsibilities. I have been completing my internship with Hydrosystems for close to three weeks now. I will continue my internship for another 3-4 weeks, even though our projects are due this week. Even though our projects are due at the end of this week, I will continue to post on this blog until the completion of my internship. I am hoping that by doing this, it helps me further reflect on the subject of my project.

Unfortunately, I am not in the financial position to be able to complete an exciting foreign internship. Which is why I chose to complete a part-time internship here at home so I could continue working my current job. I can definitely see how it would have been beneficial to complete an internship full-time. However, I do feel like I’ve gained a better understanding of hydrology and how it relates to phosphate mining in Florida.

The subject of my project (The Effects of Sinkholes on Hydrology in the Phosphate Mining Region of West Central Florida) has proven more complicated than I initially assumed. I previously had taken a leave of absence from college due to personal reasons. I thought I was keeping myself educated on the Floridan Aquifer and the threats that it faces. I was wrong! I had missed out on so much information and understanding by taking such a long leave of absence. In addition, acquiring statistical data and hands on research from mining sites in west central Florida that have experienced sinkholes has been very challenging.  Most of my research has come from previously collected data and models, not hands on research as I had hoped. However, on a more positive note, I have learned quite a bit about hydrology models. This blog will continue to explore in depth, the data that I have collected and the conclusions that I have been able to draw so far.

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