Australia: New Adventure

The past several weeks, nothing really new and interesting. My internship was still focusing on the office works, helping colleagues collect data and creating certificates. But I have a strong feelings about how important of data for a certification organization, no, data should be essential for any business. Ecotourism Australia has a great data system and they are still keeping updating everyday. EA plays an important role to help operators to improve their themselves and improve their management plans. Also, I feel the power of social media cause we have to update our website, Facebook, blogs everyday and bring new information to followers/audience. I am so impressive about my colleagues cause they have a great communication stills, no matter for talking or writing, especially for replying emails, a certain operator should use a certain words, through those words, it shows the attitudes of EA. Tourism is also a service industry. We certificate the products from various operators not means we are their big boss. Those operators are our customers and we play a helpful role.

Back to the weather, past couple days, the temperature was freezing in Brisbane. I heard somewhere in the south of Brisbane, just like one half hours drive, was snowing. †here was a crazy interlude happened in my renting place, also I have taken cold shower more than a month, which pushed me to find a new place. I realized sometimes we are afraid of changing because we are already getting used to our comfortable zones. But sometimes, changing is not a bad thing, it helps us to keep discovering ourselves. It looks like troubles, but once you start to do it, it is not that difficult. Our imaginations and fears sometimes restrict our action. I treat that interlude as a challenge and a lesson, which helps me to grow up better. Our life is a long journey. It feels like taking a train, someone will come, while others will leave. No one will accompany you forever, even for your family. The people or the things you will meet in your trip has a certain reason, no matter they are good things or bad, which teach you some lessons and help you grow up. Once they finish their jobs, they will leave and you will meet someone/something new later.

I feel I was living in a wrong place, which invisibly impacts my satisfaction of my trip. I am so happy I have moved out. That’s probably a turning point of my journey. Also, that interlude helps me to deeply recognize some issues about Airbnb. There are still many invisible gaps or accidents you will meet.

After I moved into the new place, that weekend, I felt free. I went to the South Bank again. There was a celebration of Scottish Australian community in CBD. Also, in South Bank, there was a French Festival. I ate so many French desserts. That Sunday I watched a dancing show, “Dirty Dancing”, in Art center. It’s performed by local dancing artists, the same story as that old movie, but adds many new things and new musics.

image2 (2)

South Bank


South Bank


South Bank

image3 (1)

South Bank


South Bank

image1 (4)

South Bank

I went to Melbourne last Friday to attend the Victoria Tourism Conference that happened this Monday and Tuesday. I am so glad I can come and I learned a lot from passed two days. The details of Victoria Tourism Conference will come to the next blog.

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