Week 7: Part I Vitoria-Gasteiz, in Prose & Pictures

 Vitoria-Gasteiz, in Prose & Pictures

Vitoria-Gasteiz Green City, European Green Capital 2012
Vitoria-Gasteiz Green City, European Green Capital 2012

I usually break up these blogs into work and play but I can say that it would be very hard to distinguish between the two this week.  Play was just as exhausting as any work, and work was just as enjoyable as play.  instead I will break it up into 2 separate blogs altogether.  One with a sentimental mind and another with an academic mind.

The Summer School 2015, put on by FEST and Basquetour, took place from Tuesday until Friday this week, in Vitoria-Gasteiz in Basque County Spain.  In short, the presentations were interesting, social activities fun and informative, the food and wine were spectacular, the city astounding and people delightful.

To mix it up and show you just how inspiring this wonderful trip to the European Green City of 2012 was, I’ve mixed prose with pictures and some light explanations of my magnificence-inspired madness.

A Richard Serra installation in the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, spain
A Richard Serra installation in the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain

The Guggenheim.  A Matter of Time

Is our path guided by the steel walls of time and

The echoes of another’s whisper?

And when time turns against us, must we walk

back through a memory

Forced now to see it through the eyes of our future?

The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao was the first stop after deboarding at Bilbao airport.  “Permanent” artworks stretched themselves along the first floor. (Deemed permanent, because they will remain there for 20-25 years). Titled “The Matter of Time” the pieces formed a thoughtful collection meant to invoke a rather disorienting spatial and temporal experience.  Viewers enter steel walls of these large structures that change color over time, and curve around and above them.  It is open on the top, but feeling of the walls swelling and curving around you, hearing echoes of those that share the same space but feel it differently, and taking time to really be in that space, was a thought-provoking experience.

The significance of the Guggenheim was that it was a project intended to rejuvenate the industrial city of Bilbao.  That it did, and its unique addition to the town has made it a destination that managed to pay back into the city the cost of its development within a few short years.  It is an interesting study into community development through tourism.


A Pintxos Meet and Eat

Oh, Pintxos pote, you and all your friends.

Such characters! So delightful!

It’s been wonderful to meet you-

Let me introduce you to my appetite!

The first night, after the Guggenheim, we went for a tour around the Old Square and the New Square, to meet other participants of the conference and to stop at 5 pubs for Pintxos Potes- a Basque treat of small appetizers and a drink.  The appetizers ranged from mini sausage burgers to prawns with a chevre cream sauce.  A few of their common drinks are Pica (or Clara) and Txakoli – beer with lemon (or lemonade) and an effervescent white wine from the region.  They also drink a coke and red wine mixture on ice (Kalimotxo).

The New Square (Plaza Nueva)

The two squares are pretty magnificent.  The squares close a little earlier than the streets behind them, I was informed from a newly acquired friend, and the Virgen Blanca Square is overseen by a statue above it. She, the White Virgin, is the Saint of the City.  Below is my ode to her.

The Square

As early morning rises,

a flash of heat lightening outshines a heavy moon.

The insatiable gather

behind the back of their beloved Virgen Blanca,

avoiding her watchful eye.

The view of the Virgen Blanca.
The view of the Virgen Blanca.

 IMG_3222.CR2 IMG_3245.CR2

We had the chance to visit salt mines in Alava- Añana Salt Valley (Salinas de Añana).  A completely unique experience, and I am not even sure if an explanation, poetry and photos combined can explain the scene.  I will say however, that a concern right now is not how much salt is available, but for how long the ground water will continue to recharge enough to keep flowing to the surface, bringing the salt with it.  It used to flow at 3 liters per minute and has slowed to 2 liters per minute.  This has not affected the salt production gravely, but warrants an in depth study of why the water is slowing, as it may be an indicator of a geological change that may have further impacts.

a salt encrusted basket
a salt encrusted basket

 The salt mine


Shining like snow, crusting small ponds

Like an emblem of some early days of spring

It seasons the cool water flowing through clay

And clings to pine railings.

Frozen, fragile flower fragments

Floating on limestone.

These salty snowflakes,

Deliciously decorating the earth.

IMG_3115.CR2 IMG_3130.CR2

We also visited the Alava region for a trip to a winery- Viña Salceda Winery.  Delicious and beautiful!

IMG_3102.CR2 IMG_3146.CR2
We visited the Ataria Interpretation Centre of the Salburua Wetlands, which comprise an important section of Vitoria Gasteiz’s surrounding green belt, in which I learned that there are several invasive species threatening the native species in the area.  A turtle from Florida being one, in fact.  I guess since Florida is full of transplants, the Floridians transplant themselves elsewhere too!

I loved the color of the lichen on these trees
I loved the color of the lichen on these trees


Now, I know some of you are utterly disappointed, as you expected an “Ode to Wine” from me.  I completely understand, but I can’t share everything with you!

Part II coming soon!


  1. Haha,

    You know what. Here, in Australia, has a popular drink, named Budarberg, made by Rum and Coke. Did not try yet. I think Rum is stronger to me ???

    Anyway, love all the information and pictures you shared and thank you so much for bringing us to those areas.

    Especially for the first one, that museum, very thoughtful, but I still didn’t figure out that art.

    Just felt you want to share all the details but they are too many. Hope I can have a chance chat with you in person future, about those experiences.


  2. I definitely hope we get a chance to meet and discuss where our travels through this great beautiful world have taken us. You are completely right- there was so much this week, I can’t even begin to touch on it all. I am even breaking it into 2 blogs! The conference was such a memorable experience and, as far as my studies have gone, the most interesting week here in Europe. I am still trying to untangle all that I learned, saw, ate, and felt. Stimulation bomb! Anyway, I hope you are doing well and enjoying your stay in Australia. I am looking forward to your next blog!!

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