Wolf Peach – Posh & Sustainable WaterMatters.Org

One can’t visit Milwaukee without stopping at one of the fabulous restaurants.  I loved this Wolf Peach  because I immediately saw their rain barrels connected to the gutters  ready to water the summer vegetables already planted in their plant boxes and gardens.  Ironically, it has done nothing but rain for the last many days, but during the drier times of the summer, this irrigation method will provide plenty of awesome veggies, lettuce, and herbs for lunch, dinner and cocktails, and will be sustainable too!! The outside patios and balconies lined with green makes a really nice atmosphere for meeting and greeting family and friends.


As far as rain barrels are concerned.  I love the publication put out by the Southwest Florida Water Management District under the heading of WaterMatters.Org. There are amazing water management materials on this site for all ages.  Downloadable materials allow teachers and students to learn about water matters no matter whether in my home state of Florida or my other home state of Wisconsin or my other home state of Indiana!

               IMG_7253 IMG_7247 IMG_7246 IMG_7245

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