#WetskillsUSA Conference held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Also exciting at the Global Water Center in Milwaukee,  when I visited yesterday is the current Wetskills Water Challenge taking place between June 12-26 for the first time in the United States.  Professionals and students from The Netherlands, Canada, and the United States will be competing to research and develop case studies creating solutions for water issues in our global environment.

In the same manner the Global Water Center supports BREW participants, University of Wisconsin Freshwater Sciences, water experts, and industry will be sharing best practices and working together to find solutions for our global energy, water, and food challenges.

Included in the program is brainstorming, collaboration, and team presentations.  These presentations will be judged by an international jury during the Milwaukee Water Summit on June 23 and a winner will be announced on June 24, 2015.

A joint initiative between the water sectors of Milwaukee and the Netherlands, the Wetskills challenge provides opportunities for students and experts to share successes in the Netherlands with others striving to find solutions for similar issues and challenges.  At the same time, Milwaukee is being recognized globally as a significant hub for water research and development facilitating successful collaboration for all.

Graduate students from around the world have been participating in these challenges now for 14 years, I would love to hear that the University of South Florida #USF- Patel College of Global Sustainability Masters Students participate in the 15th year!!

The Water Council members and BREW Winners are also participating in this event.  I was glad to see Cadens, LLC as one of the collaborators as I have been working with them for my graduate internship studying hydropower and small (low hydro) hydropower opportunities!

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Randal Mueller, Principle of Cadens, LLC a Small Hydropower design & manufacturer located in Wisconsin and a recent BREW Winner with me (Luann Collins).
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Director of Water Council Elizabeth Thelan and I (Luann Collins) at the foyer of the Global Water Center where the mission is clear! Research and Education in the area of Water!!
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Collaboration going on in the first floor lab.
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Collaboration of Industry, Researchers, & Education is evident from the very first sight at the Global Water Center in Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA

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