A Green Roof on top of the Global Water Center

Ms. Elizabeth Thelen, Director of Entrepreneurship & Talent,  the Water Council is Pointing to the University of Wisconsin School of Freshwater Sciences.

This was the beginning of an awesome tour of the “rooftop” of the Global Water Center a part of a major emphasis the city has in Milwaukee, a focus on WATER.  Studying at the University of South Florida Patel College of Global Sustainability for the past two years, I have been extremely interested in the topic of green roofs.  Walking through the hallways of the UW Engineering Water Research hallways provided inspiration and amazement at the projects currently being researched within the walls of the Water Center.  So much knowledge and so much expertise in the field of water!  I realize there are so many things I don’t know  and continued learning is so important to me!  We walked up the steps to the rooftop and it was so amazing.  I could see the plants immediately on the rooftop and was drawn immediately to them!

The view of the rooftop – green roof that is at the Global Water Center in Milwaukee.

Leaving my tour guide and my colleague Mary Jane Sanchez, behind, I quickly walked over to see the rooftop garden I had glimpsed from afar.

The beginning of spring colors on the Rooftop of the Water Council offices in Milwaukee Wisconsin

During one of the Water Council Meetings, I had met leaders of Hanging Gardens, one of the resident businesses in the building and heard about the green roof on the top of the Global Water Center. However snow, and bad weather had prohibited me from going to the “Top” during those visits!!  Although, a sort of rainy, icky day from my standpoint, it was bright and beautiful on the rooftop.   Although heavy clouds hovered in the sky, the view of the city was beautiful.  Summer is just beginning in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and so is the beginning of growth in this garden.

Always Gracious, Tour Guide Ms. Elizabeth Thelen , Director of Entrepreneurship & Talent, showed me the Green Roof at the Global Water Center!
Another View of the City and those heavy clouds

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