Water Projects Milwaukee, Wisconsin United States of America

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When I began my journey for selecting a location for my internship, I decided I wanted to stay in the United States and find a city that was actually implementing sustainability as a part of their current and future agendas specifically in the area of my focus concentration WATER. With a second home, near Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, I decided to look in my backyard, and simply typed the words, “Water Projects Milwaukee” and the words “The Water Council- Serving the World Water Hub” appeared.

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The Water Council site contained up to date information about collaborations between the city, state, local, federal, and globally interested entities. Organized on a membership basis, the group facilitates exchange of sustainability dialog relating to the Food, Energy, and Water Nexus I learned about in my #GlobalSustainability classes at the University of South Florida, while studying for my Masters Degree at #USF. The members meet quarterly to discuss progress and new opportunities and focus on education and opportunities for employment within the area of sustainability.

I was not surprised to learn Milwaukee was a forward thinking city because in 2009, I became a Milwaukee #CTA after participating in the Certified Tourism Ambassador program geared toward educating visitors and residents of the 7 county area about the opportunities for recreation, business collaboration, education, history, entertainment, and of course, beer, brats & cheese! Milwaukee was fourth in the nation to implement the Certified Tourism Ambassador Program.

Encouraging business and industry, educational facilities, local government, and citizens of the 7 county area around Milwaukee to research opportunities and work together for future sustainability collaborations they are focused on being the “World Water Hub” located on one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world, Lake Michigan.

In future posts, I will describe the specific details of businesses developed through the “Brew” program, the #MilwaukeeBucks, #Bucks strategies to include sustainability in their branding & marketing materials, will discuss the amazing opportunities in the areas of freshwater studies at #UW school of Freshwater Sciences, the Upcoming #WaterSummit and my specific interest in small hydropower in Wisconsin! Stay Tuned…..

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