The streets of Miraflores

Buenos Dias a todos!

I arrived safely in Lima and have been exploring the city the last two days. I arrived late Wednesday (today is Friday) and I think I have walked around 15 miles over the past two days to get familiar with my home for the next few months. Lima is quite large and very busy. There are many, many cars (a lot of taxis) and public buses, no trains. It appears the main mode of transportation is walking or bus. There are some bikers, but I think it looks a little dangerous with these crowded streets.

My internship with the UN starts on Monday, however, I went to the building yesterday to make sure I knew where it was. I’ve emailed a few people from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) prior to coming down here and I met one of them on my quick office visit. She was quite gracious and I’m glad I stopped in and she took the time to chat with me before I start next week. I don’t know all the fine details of my internship yet (will find out on Monday), but I am working on a Zero Hunger, Zero Waste initiative being implemented in schools. The goal is to have food and nutrition security in a global supply chain where almost everything is processed. But we’ll get into that more next week.


On my walk today through parks and cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean, I stumbled across one of Miraflores’ landmark statues in Parque de Amor.

Parque de Amor
Parque de Amor
Cliffs of Lima
Cliffs of Lima

I also got lost today, but wondered down some lovely streets. There are a lot of bougainvillea trees, cactuses, and colorful buildings in my neighborhood. I heard other parts of Lima are a little less green.


I shall do more walking this weekend and inquire about these famous markets Lima has, and take it easy a couple more days until I start work on Monday (June 8).

Just a quick hello. Hasta pronto.


  1. Awesome work Erickalm <– Love it! Was great bumping into u in NYC and even better watching you fulfill your dreams virtually.

    1. Thanks, girl! I loved running into you in NYC such a small, wonderful world. Thank you for your support and encouragement. You’re pretty awesome yourself!

      1. Hello Victor,

        I was uncomfortable recently since I have been here. It is a great city, but I feel it lacks of a sense of belonging, at least now. How can I get it over?

        Also, your comment encourage me a lot !!! Great words !!! Always powerful !!! 🙂



        1. Hi Xiaomin, didn’t you have a similar feeling when you first arrived in the US? Just give it some time and I’m sure you’ll be golden! But I think I can understand what you’re feeling – at least for me when I lived in China I was always around people but that’s not always the case in countries like the US and Australia…

    1. Thanks Victor! Tomorrow is my first day of the internship and I am super excited. I imagine I will learn so much. And if I’m lucky, I’ll get lost a few more times, also. 😉

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