Week 2: Jlag Brussels

Week 2, Jlag in Brussels


A short week, as the country had Monday off as well, which conveniently was the same day that my ceiling began leaking.  Long story short, this is the 7th day of it, and several people have been alerted, but nothing has been done.  I am crossing my fingers that something happens today with it.  Cable tv has stopped working and my internet has become unreliable.  TV I can do without, but my internet is highly valuable as a means of entertainment, communication, information and mapping! It’s been a mildly frustrating week, but it has encouraged me to get out of the flat, at least.

I went to Anderlecht Market on Sunday.  It was so busy, and there was more produce there than I could have imagined.  It was overwhelming to try to choose a vendor.  But finally I did and got some eggplant, string beans, lettuce, tomatoes, and red peppers for under 5 euros.  I was quite pleased.  The route there was easy, and there were so many clothing vendors, household items, luggage, etc.  Here in Brussels, most stores are closed on Sunday.  So there are big markets around the city on Sunday morning.  It’s quite the event, with beer and food trucks and people hollering their low sales prices.  Even though it was raining and chilly, many people came out.  I get the sense that this is the weekly produce shopping for many families.  Because of that, it’s all business!  And because of that I was unable to get a very good photo.  There’s no stopping for tourists!  There’s bargain fruit out there!

anderlecht  Sfeer_07

 1) At Anderlecht Market.                            2) The entrance to Anderlecht Abattoir, guarded by bulls. (retrieved from the Anderlecht market website)


I have been making progress in the material for PM4SD.  It is very management focused, which is good for me, as I have some knowledge of the sustainable tourism aspect, but less so in terms of project management.  I have reached out to several practitioners with the preliminary survey and am looking forward to receiving and evaluating the results.

I am on to the next step while I wait.  I have laid out the case study design and am beginning to anticipate the interview questions and the data collection that will be required for the research.  I understand that no project will be the same and we are flexible in the techniques of PM4SD that we are evaluating, so each case study will offer very different information.  However, I have created a general layout that should be applicable to most, and help demonstrate the capacity building abilities of the program.

This upcoming week will be interesting, as the EDD15 Conference takes place Wednesday and Thursday.  Our organization is mainly involved in the African Diaspora discussion.  There will be a few speakers in our session, and then the audience will be broken into groups for discussion.  The topic will revolve around how culture can empower communities and sustainable tourism can offer authentic heritage and cultural experiences.  It will pull in the concept of stakeholder engagement, policy and local community involvement.

This is also the week before my training, so there is a lot to do.  The tasks that await are: reviewing my project timeline and updating where needed; studying for the PM4SD; preparing for the EDD15 session, where I will be involved in discussions as well as photography for the event, and checking back with practitioners for the survey results.   Since I don’t have much field work yet, and it is all office work, I will spare you boring pictures of my computer and training material.  Week 3 promises a more interactive experience.

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