Sueweden first time!

-Week 1-

Walk and lost in Stockholm

I have arrived in Stockholm, Sweden since May 15th, 2015, before starting my internship 6 days. I had time enough for adapting myself, jetlaggin, walking around, and getting lost! Well, it’s just normal when you go a city that you’ve never gone before and you get lost. So my first week was to walk and get lost in the beautiful city like Stockholm.

After I’ve been jetlagged and slept for all 2 days, I started to jump in the train (Here they call “Stockholms tunnelbana”) to the T-centralen station which is the biggest station in the heart of the city. This station is linked to many lines of the metro rail from the northern part to the southern part of stockholm. The Stockholm metro uses electricity for running systems. People here seem using metrorail and bus (busse) as the main transportations. The first time I was in this huge station, T-centralen, I felt like I was in Tokyo station version Stockholm station. It is very crowded like billion ants walking. Hahaha.

On Monday 18th, I went to apply an international student identity card because its benefits can discount in some stores, especially, SL card for metro rail. Using Google Map helps me a lot to go anywhere, although I sometimes walk like a circle because here it’s not obvious to see street name. After finished my errand, it was time to walk around the town and here are what I have seen.

Me and Stockholm
Me and Stockholm

Personally, I love taking photos and sometimes being a photographer for professional works. So, I was very enjoyed to walk and take pictures. Stockholm is the city where is rich of cultures, museums, arts, rivers and parks. I’ve walked through the Royal palace (Kungliga Slottet) and the old town (Gamla Stan). It’s such a long walk with aesthetic feeling. I’ve almost taken photos all I was seeing in front of me.

Walking in Stockholm, The church Riddarholmskyrkan
Walking in Stockholm, The church Riddarholmskyrkan
City Hall side, walking in Stockholm
City Hall side, walking in Stockholm
Walking in Stockholm, the Royal Palace
Walking in Stockholm, the Royal Palace
Walking in Stockholm, Gamla Stan (Old Town)
Walking in Stockholm, Gamla Stan (Old Town)
Walking in Stockholm, the Royal Palace
Walking in Stockholm, the Royal Palace

Next two days later, I tried to find the way to go to “Plantagon International AB” location, which it was easy to go by train. I’m in Kista area where is locations of business and IT center. It’s quite convenient that I can walk from my apartment to Kista station just 10 minutes and go to Fridhemsplan station, then I walked to the building just in 15 minutes.

An apartment in Kista, where I live, is a shared apartment which is belonged to Marcelo. He is a teacher who teaches subjects of woodcraft and technology. I can say he is my first friend here. The incredible thing is he is a nature lover and very sustainable for his living. The way he does recycling in a kitchen is very neat. As you can see in this picture below, this diagram is showing how to separate each type of trash: food scrap (organic), paper (papper), clean plastic bags (for reusing), plastic, old batteries, glass (glas), recycled plastic bottles and metal.

Marcelo, thee host with his green invetion
Marcelo, the host with his green invention
Where I live in Hanstavägen  84, Kista.
Where I live in Hanstavägen 84, Kista.
Marcelo's recycling system
Marcelo’s recycling system
Marcelo's recycling diagram
Marcelo’s recycling diagram

I’d love to tell my story for the second week that I’ve started to intern at Plantagon International AB. I’m happy to say how lucky am I that having this chance to work with this world urban agriculture leader company.

To be continued 🙂



  1. Sue, so awesome! Your host sounds perfect for you. I’m glad you got to get lost in the city before starting the internship. Can’t wait to hear more about the internship and see what is going on with the vertical farming over there!

    1. So where are you now Ericka? I remember you should be in Peru TODAY!!! I hope you will get everything great! I’m very excited about your internship either! Send me your address there. I’ll send a postcard to you! There is no any vertical farm here yet. It’s on the process to building in this year. But I come to learn anyway lol. Miss you dude!

      1. Sue, I miss you! I am in Peru, arrived 2 days ago and start work in 2 days. You’re going to contribute to the first vertical farm in Sweden and that’s pretty awesome! You should be proud.

  2. Sue, it is not the first time you got lost!!! 😉 I remember you lost when you first came to Tampa 🙂

    Really beautiful photos and impressive city. Your host, his recycle system surprises me a lot.

    Hope everything goes well !!! 🙂 Thank you for sharing !!!

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