Week 1: Rocky DeBull in London! Resource Innovation .. the Path for Green Economy

Rocky DeBull in London (Source: https://twitter.com/usf_euroexpo)
Rocky DeBull in London (Source: https://twitter.com/usf_euroexpo)

Here I am in London! Arrived on the 23rd just when all Londoner where ready for their long weekend bank holiday!

On the 26th, I started my intern with a private equity and fund manager company that is active in making investments generating both strong return and positive environmental impact.  On my 1st day, everything was set to the highest professional standards. My badge, security pass, workstation, and mentor details were ready. I was briefed on the Company’s operations, strategy, and leadership team.

On my 1st week, I’m getting acquainted with the concept of “resource innovation” and the role of cleantech in enabling the growth of greener and cleaner economy..

Will be posting more on the subject in the days to come!

Cheers for now !

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  1. Rudy, sounds like a very high profile internship. Wishing you all best. It was fun to see your school spirit.

  2. Hola Ruby,

    GoBulls 🙂

    Rocky was in London 🙂

    Thank you for sharing and I love your photos, full of energy, green energy, USF energy.

    Hope your internship goes well and looking forward to your posts.

    Enjoy !


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