Three out of four

Week 3
I participated in a office briefing on Monday. I have been working with the team of human resources and we each shared our contributions to the hotel. I thought I was almost done with my project, however, I realize that I still have some evidence left to organize.
I went down the list of the different criteria required under the Certification for Sustainable Tourism, and was able to understand specifics of what I am missing. The people from the IT department recently complained because of all the data I have been uploading to the shared network – which only means that I have been doing my work
This week I also met with the maintenance manager who gave me a walk through and showed me his different initiatives to conserve water and energy. He is trying to have the different departments lower down energy consumption during peak hours. He has been installing waterless urinals and low flow aerators gradually, but most of the hotel still requires to retrofit to water saving devices.
I visited different areas and took more pictures and gathered more documents…
I was also assigned with creating an activity for the upcoming International World Environment Day on June 4th. I am creating a table top display to use in the staff cafeteria.
This year’s theme regards consumption, particularly in terms of food, food waste and food insecurity. It’s been kind of difficult to figure out the message that I want to communicate. I wanted to write about vegetarianism as a sustainable alternative for consumption. However, my supervisor did not think it was relevant or important enough.  She wants me to write about recycling, which works too.
Chao for now. I will be going on a little trip tomorrow.
Pura Vida,


  1. I love that you’re working on a tabletop display for International World Environment Day, so cool! And I love that some of the themes are food and food waste. You’re doing good things, friend. So excited for and proud of you!

  2. Hola Catalina,

    Thank you for sharing those pictures. I love you wore PCGS T-shirt.

    I really like your ideas about “vegetarianism as a sustainable alternative for consumption”. The healthy lifestyle is really essential for environmental protection. Maybe you can write something into your final report, like a suggestion. But also consider the rational of suggestion, cause most people still eat meat. Maybe, start to try a little bit each week, and then grow up to several times a week could be more effective.

    Also, recycling is important too, especially for this big resort. Everyday, it has the huge consumption. Appropriate recycling program will benefit a lot.

    Anyway, thank you for sharing 🙂 Enjoy the last week of your internship 🙂


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