Week 3 in DC: Sustainability in the City

Hi everyone,

So another week has gone by at my internship and beside receiving a few more projects to help work on for this Caribbean Public Health meeting, everything has been relatively the same. Which is good because I’ve been able to finally look around a notice other things going on in the city besides my internship.

Looking around the city for the past three weeks, I have noticed some ways in which the area has tried to improve its “green” image. If you go shopping in DC, besides expecting to pay 3 dollars more than what you should for things, there is also a 10 cent charge for each plastic bag you use. Make sure you remember those reusable bags. The bike sharing program is also a great addition to the city’s transportation system and makes things really easy to get around. The bike sharing system also reduces traffic congestion, increases public activity, and reduces emissions. There are apps that will point you to the nearest bike port and you can see how many bikes are there. It is a simple and cost effective way to get around and commute.

Many cabs in the DC area are electric hybrids (Usually priuses), which is an excellent way to reduce emissions as well as cab fares, which aren’t too horrible surprisingly. I have seen a few signs that are sponsored by a DC water management organization that is very similar to SFWMD. They are helping in the construction of improved stormwater systems along the city to help reduce the amount of stormwater pollution. I also managed to spot a huge community garden located a few blocks from where I live. In the garden are separate plots that each individual of the community is responsible for. I saw a variety of vegetables and fruits within each plot, providing fresh produce.

I wish I had pictures but it is non-stop here.

Jared Huffman

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  1. Hello Jared,

    Thank you for sharing those information in DC. It inspires me to bring my own shopping bags to reduce my carbon footprint and protect the environment when I travel. I will visit the DC on the middle of August, those information is a treasure for my trip.

    As for bicycle, I don’t know how many people in the world like me cannot ride bicycle. It might be a big problem for me to live in Green city. Bicycle, a representative of low carbon and healthy, I have to try to find the opportunity to learn ride it. Hopefully, it is not that difficult cause I missed the great time to learn it.

    Hope your internship goes well and looking forward to see your awesome photos, photographer 🙂


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