Greywater Treatment in Rural Communities

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I have traveled to Israel for almost a three month internship, mostly in the southern part of the country. I will be working with the Arava Institute for Environmental Solutions, which works with alternative energy, water solutions, eco-tourism and more.

Kibbutz Ketura and the Arava Institute, in the middle of the desert
Kibbutz Ketura and the Arava Institute, in the middle of the desert

Since my biggest interest and concentration is water, I was offered to take part in a Decentralized Greywater Treatment project, in which I will take part in the installation and assessment of a constructed wetland system. Briefly, it is filtration system that mimics natural processes, and I would better explain how it works in the next posts!


My first week has been very dynamic fortunately, and it seems the whole internship is going to be like that. The Arava Institute is based almost on the southrenmost end of Israel, yet its projects take place in multiple locations, which means lot of traveling for me. So I have had the chance to visit the Bedouin town called Rahat, where a greywater treatment system was installed, and is almost ready for operation.

SAM_3517 SAM_3518

As you can see, the system is comprised of 6 tanks, placed on a built slope to facilitate water from one to the other. The system is designed to treat approximately 1 cubic meter of greywater daily. During my visit to Rahat I also attended an educational event that was organized by the town’s water utility, which is trying to establish a close relationship with the community to raise awareness about proper use of sanitary infrastructure. Luckily, we had a cloudy day that made the walk across town all the way to the treatment facility enjoyable, with approximately 600 students enjoying a rare out of the classroom day.

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